Zodiaq gets a new name

What kind of counter tops do you have?

If you have laminate counter tops, you might say that you have Formica.

If you have solid surface counter tops, you will likely say that you have Corian.

But if you have quartz counters, you might just say that you have quartz or stone.  In an effort to become a household name, DuPont (who owns Corian) has started to market their trusty quartz surface as “Corian Quartz” – using your best Forrest Gump voice, “It’s a household name.”

What is Zodiaq?

Corian Quartz Dove Grey

It is not an astrological sign; it’s not a typo. I am talking about one of the pioneers of quartz surface.  The “Q” at the end is likely a marketing pun – because it’s quartz, get it?

Quartz counter tops are an engineered stone product primarily used in residential and commercial kitchen and bath applications. The material is made by mixing and compressing natural quartz, derived from granite and epoxy resins to create a hard wearing and stain-impervious surface. Quartz counter tops are molded and milled to standard sizes and thickness but can easily be manufactured to custom specifications. They come in a wide variety of colors and at a lower price point than 100 percent natural stone with less maintenance.

Though I was a teenager when my dad opened our granite shop over 20 years ago, I remember the Zodiaq rack being placed in a dark corner of our showroom.  And the first slabs of Zodiaq that he cut came with an arsenal of assistance from DuPont.  I don’t know that we were #trendsetters, but we were definitely doing something new.  Quartz was still not a well-known product in our market, and homeowners were definitely not coming into our showroom looking for quartz counter tops.  Our first project was 12 slabs of Indus Red.  In case you were wondering, Indus Red is like Fire Engine Red’s hot cousin.

Zodiaq has been installed heavily in the commercial market of Pensacola; we have installed hundreds of slabs in hotel rooms along the Gulf Coast.  Conversely we have installed dozens of residential kitchens and vanities using this top quality DuPont quartz product.

What is Corian? 

Corian is a solid surface material comprised of acrylic polymer and other materials to create a smooth surface.  Corian has a strong representation in both the residential and commercial markets.  Again, it’s a household name.  The material comes in sheets that are approximately 1/2″ thick, it weighs much less than stone and is much easier to cut and shape.

I cannot elaborate much more on Corian because I do not work with this product; my shop only handles “hard surfaces.”

Wrap it up, Alice…

In recent times, DuPont has decided to re-brand their trusty quartz product and give it a name that has long been recognized by the consumer.

We are now proudly fabricating Corian Quartz, formerly known as Zodiaq.  And when your kitchen is installed, and your neighbors are drooling over those gorgeous quartz counters, one of them will ask you, “What kind of counters are those?” and instead of just saying, “Stone” you will say “Corian Quartz.”


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